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FACDL Listserv

One of the greatest perks of FACDL membership is access to our listserv. The listserv is for the exclusive use of our members and is an invaluable forum on which to exchange ideas and information.

What the listserv is for:

The FACDL-Miami Listserv is available to regular and life members of FACDL-Miami and such other persons as may be approved by the Directors of FACDL-Miami.


The FACDL Listserv is for the exchange of questions and information relevant to the criminal defense bar. Questions about statutes, case law, and judges are welcome. Members may also use the FACDL Listserv to seek expert witnesses and lawyers for specific types of cases and in certain jurisdictions. FACDL-Miami will always welcome new information about issues relating to criminal defense in the form of news, stories and rulings that impact our clients.

What the Listserv is NOT for:

Although FACDL-Miami would like Listserv information to remain within the organization, sometimes issues discussed via the internet are forwarded to others not involved in the discussion. It would be devastating to learn, for example, that a personal attack was made against a judge who was forwarded the email, and then told other judges that FACDL-Miami is on the internet trashing judges.

FACDL-Miami will not tolerate personal attacks in any form, nor gratuitous profanity. We do not wish to police the Listserv, but will remove those who choose to abuse this opportunity to engage in discussion that is detrimental to FACDL-Miami. This does not mean that members are prohibited from making critical statements about any person or FACDL-Miami; however, remember that your message may be distributed by someone. In sum, don’t write something that you wouldn’t want distributed outside FACDL-Miami.