Executive Board

President – Michelle Estlund is the founder and principal attorney of Estlund Law, P.A., located in Miami, Florida. Michelle’s practice focuses exclusively on criminal and INTERPOL defense cases, with an emphasis on human rights violations and politically motivated prosecution. Michelle regularly advises international journalists, human rights organizations, and other attorneys on issues related to INTERPOL (the International Criminal Police Organization).

Michelle has successfully represented Red Notice subjects before INTERPOL by achieving the removal of Red Notices in their names, as well as having Red Notices modified or corrected. She writes extensively about INTERPOL matters on her blog, the Red Notice Law Journal. Her current practice is the culmination of the consistent pursuit of equality and fairness under the law, and is based in the belief that quality legal representation requires highly personalized client service.

President Elect – Matthew Meyers is the founder and managing partner of Matthew P. Meyers, PA located in Miami, Florida.  Since 2013, Matthew has focused exclusively on criminal defense.  Prior to the establishment of his firm Mr. Meyers was an Assistant State Attorney, having served as a supervisor in the Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Unit, Traffic Homicide Unit, and Human Trafficking Unit.  Throughout his career, Matt has tried cases ranging from misdemeanors to homicide, in both state and federal courts.  In addition to his work with FACDL-Miami, Matthew serves as the Young Lawyer’s Committee Co-Chair for the Statewide FACDL organization.

Vice President – Kevin Hellmann has devoted his 23-year legal career to public service as a criminal trial lawyer, training attorney, and law school instructor. As an Assistant Public Defender in Miami-Dade since 1996, Kevin Hellmann has tried over 70 criminal jury trials and over 225 juvenile bench trials involving charges ranging from misdemeanors to first degree murders. Prior to that, Mr. Hellmann worked for one year at the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem.

At the Miami-Dade Public Defender Office, Kevin Hellmann has served as Director of Training, Professionalism and Leadership Development since December 2012. Beyond handling his own trial cases, he has also served as Senior Supervising Attorney in the Felony Division from 2007 to 2012 and Training Coordinator in the Juvenile Division from 2003 to 2007. He is also recognized as a Board-Certified Expert in Criminal Trial Law by The Florida Bar since 2016.

Since 2012, Kevin Hellmann has taught Trial Skills at the University of Miami School of Law and has taught Criminal Litigation at Florida International University College of Law since 2018. In 2016, he co-founded the non-profit organization Gideon’s Hope, which awards scholarships to young public defense lawyers in Miami-Dade. He also interviews high school students applying to Harvard University for the Harvard Alumni Association since 2008.

Kevin Hellmann obtained his B.A. degree from Harvard University in 1988 and his J.D. degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1995. He is a member of the bar in New York and Florida. His legal note, The Fallacy of Dueling Sovereignties: Why the Supreme Court Refuses to Eliminate the Dual Sovereignty Doctrine, 2 J.L & Pol’y 149, was published in 1994.

Treasurer – Michael Davis focuses on complex state and federal litigation at Kuehne Davis, P.A., formally known as Law Offices Benedict P. Kuehne. A graduate of Stetson University, Davis began his appellate career successfully competing in moot court competitions. A former law clerk to U.S. District Court Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington, Davis joined the Appellate Division of the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office. Davis has argued before the Third DCA, the Florida Supreme Court, and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, securing more than 30 written opinions. He is a regular CLE presenter.

Davis serves on the Stetson University Board of Trustees, is a Board member of his church, Bread of Life Community Church. He also serves on several boards of directors, including the Virgil Hawkins Chapter of the National Bar Association, the Dade County Bar Association, and the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers-Miami Chapter.  

Secretary – Abbie Waxman has worked at the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office since 2013 and is currently a Training Attorney in the Juvenile Division. In 2009, she graduated from Florida State University. She majored in criminology and sociology and minored in psychology. She went onto law school at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad School of Law. In 2013, she earned her Juris Doctorate. She has tried more than 40 felony cases ranging from possession of controlled substance to murder. She was awarded the FACDL-Miami’s Gregg Wenzel Young Lawyer Award in 2018. 

Immediate Past President – Carmen Vizcaino is a partner at Wahid Vizcaino LLP, located in Miami, Florida. Over her almost 20 years of practice she has represented both individuals and corporations in complex litigation matters in over 100 trials. Ms. Vizcaino practices criminal and civil litigation in multiple jurisdictions with a focus on defending those charged with financial crimes, regulatory violations and corporate licensing violations. Ms. Vizcaino also works on national security litigation and has top secret security clearance from the Department of Justice.

Ms. Vizcaino is regarded among the premier litigators in Miami as she regularly engages in high profile and novel litigation. Ms. Vizcaino was a member of the trial team that litigated issues on money transfers to individuals who reside in locations where the US government has deemed alleged terrorist operate. She was awarded for her work protecting civil liberties during the massive United States detention of immigrants and American Muslims following the events of 9/11. She spearheaded the litigation against the State of Florida in the case of State v. Hardy, making sure those who cannot afford an attorney do not remain in jail without an attorney being appointed to them. Ms Vizcaino received the President’s Award from the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for litigation in support of the less fortunate against the Governor of the State of Florida.

Ms. Vizcaino is a native of Miami, the daughter of Cuban immigrants. She attended Florida International University obtaining a B.A. She then went on to obtain her Juris Doctor degree graduating second in her class from St. Thomas University School of Law. Ms. Vizcaino is an ardent advocate of minority rights with a focus on women’s issues. She is the chair of a political action committee which focuses on legislative issues related to women. Ms. Vizcaino currently sits on the executive board of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Board of Directors

  • Jessica Albert
  • Dianne Carames
  • Katie Carmon
  • Audra Cohen
  • Mariano Corcilli
  • Damaris Del Valle
  • Zena Duncan
  • David Edelstein
  • Marissa Glatzer
  • Adam Goodman
  • Nayib Hassan
  • Phil Horowitz
  • Lauren Field Krasnoff
  • Preeti Lala
  • Carin Levine
  • Tony Moss
  • Sherri Romano
  • Warren Schwartz
  • Rae Shearn
  • Keyla Smith
  • Dan Tibbitt
  • Daniela Torrealba
  • Antonio Valiente
  • Khurrum Wahid

Young Lawyer Directors

Matt Meyers

Federal and State Public Defender and Regional Conflict

Public Defender Carlos J. Martinez

Federal Defender Michael Caruso

Regional Counsel Eugene Zenobi

Statewide Chapter Representatives

Last Name First Name Middle Name
Beaton Jr. Marcos
Kirlew Brian
Llorente Betty
Meyers Matthew
Sands Leonard A.

Life Members

Michael A. Catalano

Robert Coulombe Jr.

Ramon De La Cabada

Christopher DeCoste

Patrick S. Dray

Mark R. Eiglarsh

Scott H. Fingerhut

Rick Freedman

Edith Georgi

Michael A. Haber

Kenneth P. Hassett

David Joffe

Albert J. Krieger

Benedict P. Kuehne

Beatriz A. Llorente

David O. Markus

Margot Moss

Tony Moss

Paul Petruzzi

Sabrina Puglisli

Elliot H. Scherker

Janice Burton Sharpstein

Rae Shearn

Brian L. Tannebam

Barry Wax

Jeffrey S. Weiner

Eugene Zenobi

Past Presidents/Directors Emeritus

Year Name
2017 Marcos Beaton
2016 Brian Kirlew
2015 Teresa Enriquez
2014 Margot Moss
2013 Eduardo X. Pereira
2012 Jude M. Faccidomo
2011 Beatriz A. “Betty" Llorente
2010 Sabrina Puglisi
2009 Hector L. Flores
2008 Rick Freedman
2007 Barry M. Wax
2006 David O. Markus
2005 Brian L. Tannebaum
2004 H. Scott Fingerhut
2003 Kenneth P. Hassett
2002 Paul M. Rashkind
2001 Leonard A. Sands
2000 Gregory A. Prebish
1999 Jeffrey E. Feiler
1998 Kenneth M. Swartz
1997 Pamela I. Perry
1996 Honorable Richard L. Hersch
1995 Steven M. Potolsky
1994 Honorable Robert N. Scola, Jr.
1993 David B. Rothman
1992 William Aaron
1991 Honorable Milton Hirsch
1990 Benedict P. Kuehne
1989 Jose M. Quinon
1988 Honorable Theodore Klein (dec.)
1987 Edward R. Shohat
1986 Richard A. Sharpstein (dec.)
1985 Richard A. Sharpstein (dec.)
1984 Neal R. Sonnett
1982 Honorble Stanford Blake
1981 Jeffrey S. Weiner
1980 Stephen J. Bronis
1979 Honorable Ronald C. Dresnick
1978 Alan E. Weinstein
1977 James G. Gilmour
1976 Thomas J. Morgan, Sr.
1975 Sky E. Smith
1974 Marco B. Loffredo(dec.)
1973 Marco B. Loffredo(dec.)
1970 Walter Gwynn (dec.)
1969 Robert L. Koeppel
1968 Arthur B. Stark (dec.)
1967 Arthur B. Stark (dec.)
1966 Mitchell M. Goldman
1965 Philip Carlton
1964 Philip Carlton
1963 Harry W. Prebish (dec.)